Stretch Mark Treatments

Remove stretch marks and be confident in the skin you’re in.


Stretch marks are those unattractive pink, reddish or purplish indented streaks that often appear on your abdomen, breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs.
 They can be caused by many things, most commonly by rapid gain or loss of weight. The use of certain medications for various conditions can also lead to the development of these stubborn skin markings.


Stretch marks have always been hard to get rid of because they are tears of skin at a deep level, and rupture within the collagen fibres. For years, despite all the creams and oils on the market, little could be done to reduce them. Topical treatments simply cannot penetrate deeply enough to dramatically improve stretch marks.


Using the worlds more advanced technology, Pico Laser, safely penetrates well below the skin’s surface, and is now considered the gold standard for stretch mark removal treatments. At Elite Body Bar, we only employ the most advanced, approved technology to remove stretch marks.


Stretch Mark Removal Treatment


Pico Laser Resurfacing is the gold standard laser technology for the treatment of stretch marks, reducing the appearance of stretch marks by up to 80%.
 Pico Laser rejuvenates the skin by removing damaged skin cells with microscopic laser beams. This stimulates the natural healing process and renews healthy skin cells. The benefits of the Pico Laser is that it can precisely target the damaged skin without touching the surrounding tissue. This increases patient comfort and promotes rapid healing. In addition, the treatment can be tuned for subtle to dramatic results, depending on the patient’s needs. Pico Laser stimulates collagen production and promotes cell renewal, speeding up healing time.




Will I see results straight after 1 treatment?


Your body needs time to start producing health collagen in the treated area. Visible results from the laser may or may not be present immediately. Clients may need multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. Most clients notice visible results after each treatment with a reduction of 20% each session, with improvements in the texture, diameter and depth of their stretch marks.


What will my skin look like after treatment?


Pico Laser therapy requires very little recovery time. Some clients may experience temporary swelling but this typically only lasts a few days.


What is so important about collagen?


Collagen repairs and rejuvenates skin tissue. It is known as the Natural ‘’building blocks’’ of the body. At Elite Body Bar we want our clients to know the collagen is essential in keeping healthy skin, and our laser treatments always promote that.


Does laser therapy actually work on stretch marks?


Absolutely! At Elite Body Bar we only use the gold standard leading technology. This is so we can guarantee our clients the best results.

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