Hair Removal

Be hair-free with the most advanced lasers for women and men of all skin types and tones.


Laser hair removal is the most popular way to permanently remove excess hair. Unwanted hair on the body and face can be irritating and unpleasant. Tweezing, waxing, and shaving are only temporary solutions, while options like electrolysis can take forever and can be very painful. We are able to safely treat men and woman of all skin tones and hair types, eliminating unwanted hair quickly, painlessly, and permanently reduce the growth.


How Hair Grows


In order to understand how laser hair removal works, you must understand how hair grows. It grows from deep within the hair follicle in a three-phase cycle.


The length of the growth cycle depends on the type of hair, meaning color, thickness and placement on the body. For example, the active growth phase of the hair on your head can last years, while the active growth phase of the hair on your body may only last a couple months. The rate of growth differs between individuals.



The Difference at Elite Body Bar


We have the world’s most advanced technology, which enable us to treat every skin and hair type safely and effectively. All of our laser machines can be used on any area of the body, and requires no anaesthesia. Even sensitive areas such as the upper lip, areolas and bikini line can be treated easily and with minimal discomfort.



The SHR (Super Hair Removal) laser can preform hair removal on all skin types including dark and/or tanned skin. The SHR hand-piece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin. The specifically designed laser hand-piece can treat many hairs at once so it is possible to treat large areas of the body. Its unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results.


How It Works


The laser delivers pulses of light which bypass the pigment of skin and target only the melanin in the hair follicle causing selective damage to the hair root while protecting delicate pores and structures of the skin. The laser primarily disables hairs in the active growth phase, otherwise known as the anagen phase. Hair follicles are not always in the same phase at the same time; therefore, follow-up treatments may be required to disable all of the hair follicles.



How many treatments will I need?


The number of laser hair removal treatments varies based on factors such as the thickness of the hair, the area being treated and your hair’s growth cycle. As a general rule at the Elite Body Bar 4-8 treatments are typical to achieve optimal results. Maintenance after the course of treatments may be required.



Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


  • Silky Smooth Skin
  • Safe and Effective Treatment
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Cost Effective


What do I need to do before treatment?


We ask our clients to shave the area that will be treated on the day prior to the appointment. DO NOT WAX OR PLUCK. Waxing and plucking removes the hair follicle, and our laser will not have a hair follicle to treat


When can I have my next treatment?


You can have your next session three to four weeks after your first. This allows time for the hairs that were not treated to enter into their growth stage. This will give us the opportunity to treat all of the hairs and get maximum results for our clients.


What will my skin look like after my treatment?


Your skin will be the same as it was before, it may notice slight redness however this will go away with in a few hours, however you skin may be more sensitive to the sun. We inform our clients that any area that has been treated and is exposed to the sun on a daily basis should be covered with sunscreen. For example. Legs, arm and face etc.


Is there any down time after my treatment?


No. Our clients can resume most daily activities, however heavy exercise is prohibited for 24 hours after each treatment. Sunbathing and tanning beds are also advised not to be used until 1 week post treatment as your targeted areas will be highly sensitive to sun exposure.


What results can I expect?


You will see great results immediately – the laser destroys the follicle and your hair will fall out. For more permanent results, you’ll need multiple treatments. This is because hair grows in different phases – only some of your hair can be targeted at each treatment. Generally, 4-8 treatments 3-4 weeks apart is recommended. Re-treatment is only necessary if you notice any surviving follicles.


Can I space my treatments out?


No – it is very important to stick with your treatment schedule. Missing a treatment will allow your hair to grow back too much, and may increase the number of treatments you need. Typically, time between treatments is 3-4 weeks for facial hair and body hair.


Is this right for me?


The superior technology of our machines delivers exceptional results on all hair and skin types, including very fine or coarse hair, and on darker skin. Like most of our treatments, SHR is not suitable if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and can be dangerous if you’re on certain blood-thinning medications or have skin conditions. We advise to discuss treatment options with our expert team today if you have any concerns regarding any treatments.

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