Dermal Filler – Lip Enhancements – Skin Hydration Injections

This versatile style of treatment will enhance your natural beauty by adding volume and lift to the face. It can also be used to create more symmetry for a natural, healthy appearance.


Often used to enhance lips and cheekbones, dermal fillers are also used to correct lines, restore plumpness and reshape the facial outline.


Treatment options


  • Long lasting – Restores volume and contours cheekbones and through the T-zone.
  • Medium lift – Tightens and lifts the corners of the mouth and skin folds. Correct eye hollowing.
  • Line filler – Addresses scarring, wrinkles and medium to heavy lines.
  • Hydration filler – Smoothes fine lines while hydrating the skin on the face, hands and across the chest to improve texture.
  • Soft-lip filler – Softens and plumps the lips to enhance the natural contouring.
  • Full-lip filler – Creates a fuller shape and adds volume to smaller lips.
  • Hydration lip filler – Rehydrates thinner lips for a subtle enhancement.


Dermal fillers are the most effective way to improve facial sagging. They can be injected under the skin to restore plumpness and reshape the youthful facial outline, the “Ogee Curve’’, restore your lips to a youthful shape, soften lip lines, reduce hollows under your eyes, make facial folds shallower and even enhance your chin.


Treatment options


  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Frown Lines
  • Smokers lines
  • Tear troughs
  • Mouth Lines
  • Jowl lines
  • Chin


The versatility of this style of treatment means Elite Body Bar are able to tailor a treatment plan designed to create optimal results for desired outcomes.

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